Photo 24 Apr emleng this is for you

emleng this is for you

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The best way to get essay word count up is emotional and rhetorically pleading lists and repetitions. Like lol u think I’m bein creative but nah just gotta get those extra words in ya dig

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happy 450th birthday


happy 450th birthday

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For reference: the first is my profile. I’m crying.

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i was really successful on tinder last night (yeah i have it even tho i have a boyfriend it’s a self esteem boost okay???) and the messages i got are so cla$$ic. gonna post some of them omg.

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I’m doing a little giveaway and its all about the ladies!

I’ll be giving away

  • a t-shirt in your choice of Crush the Patriarchy, Cats Against Cat Calls or Riots Not Diets print (all of which go up to at least a size 2xl)
  • your choice of five buttons from Modern Girl Blitz
  • your choice of jewellery from AddieLeDawn
  • friendship bracelet made in the colours of your choice made by yours truly
  • "kandi bracelets" or whatever the fuck you want to call them with whatever colour scheme and words you want
  • and best of all CANDYYY. who doesnt love candy, cmon.

And now the fun part, the RULES.

  • you don’t have to follow me but if you are, then you’ll get something extra
  • only reblogs count and you may reblog as many times as you want but please be mindful of your followers
  • obviously giveaway blogs dont count (do ppl even need to say this anymore??)

The winner will be randomly selected on April 30th and I’m willing to ship worldwide. I think that’s it. Have fun and crush the patriarchy!!

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i dont remember making this


i dont remember making this

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Summer hat goals


Summer hat goals

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Fashion & Luxury
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The Bible is essentially a giant book of rolling papers so don’t tell me how to spend my Easter 4/20 Sunday.


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One good Venus
The Birth of Venus (1863), Alexandre Cabanel / Bound2, Kanye West


One good Venus

The Birth of Venus (1863), Alexandre Cabanel / Bound2, Kanye West

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